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Making The Most Out of Linkedin - Growth Media
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Making The Most Out of Linkedin

Using Linkedin Effectively

Making The Most Out of Linkedin

Do you want the job of your interest? Would you like to search for it through easy means? Are you stuck in finding high-paid companies? Now don’t worry; all your needs can be fulfilled with the help of LinkedIn.

LinkedIn is a social network on the internet to build connections with the business community. By establishing an effective profile, you can attract the right job or internship. In this way, your professional relationship is also set up. You can also polish your skills without any investment. Now by staying at home, you can find a job in any location.

A LinkedIn profile builds your personal branding. To link relevant opportunities, it presents your personal details like education, experience, and skills. Some other functions that can also be performed with LinkedIn are posting pictures and videos, writing articles and joining groups, etc.

Advantages of LinkedIn

  1. No need to pay anything. It provides you with essential features free of cost. For additional benefits, you need to use its premium version, but its free version already offers much more, so there is no need for the paid one.
  2. LinkedIn is a big source of visibility to all the recruiters and hiring managers whose intent is to find out the best candidate that fulfils their requirements.
  3. The best platform to search for the job of your interest and also able to post a job as a recruit.
  4. You will easily develop connections with the people, and companies of your interest.
  5. You can also increase your knowledge by joining groups of the relevant industries.

An attractive profile will be a good source for building more connections with current and former staff. It enables you to acquire the attention of your industry to hold the job. Make sure to complete your profile because a complete profile opens more doors to opportunities. You must need to follow the given instructions to create a strong LinkedIn profile.

Making the Most out of Linkedin

Setting Up Linkedin

Select the valid profile picture:

Your profile picture is the visual description of your personality. Each person who comes to your profile gets first sight on it mostly. So it should be clear and professional. Your profile picture must fulfil the given requirements:

  • It must be the latest picture that shows your latest look, not use an old one.
  • Use the picture which shows your face clearly that covers 60% of your face, not use the long-distance photo.
  • Select the picture with formal dressing, not the casual one.

Select the relevant background photo:

Apart from the profile picture, you also need to add a background image to build a strong profile. The picture must be related to your field, and attractive as well. So that it holds a position in people’s minds and hearts. A good background picture extends your profile by increasing engagement on it.

Write an attractive headline:

After your profile picture, the thing people will notice about your profile is your headline, right after your name. So it must be written in such a way that people get inspired by you and try to explore more about you. It is not compulsory to write your job title only. You can discuss your credibility here. That is what makes you different and helps them out in finding the best and unique qualities in you.

Add description or summary:

The description section doesn’t repeat the same format of presenting skills and experience. Try a unique way to explain them, like telling a story. Make sure not to stretch it a lot. As people get bored and may consider it a wastage of time. It must be told why they consider you and how you can be a good choice for them.

Add More Sections:

Linkedin enables you to add the sections accordingly. It helps you to display more details and information about yourself. For this purpose, you can add the followings sections :

Education section: 

In this section, you will describe your educational background, the organization’s name, and the year in which you pass out. You can also discuss your overall progress and special characteristics too.

Experience section: 

This section contains your previous work record. It has an immense influence on further job opportunities and careers. 

Skill section:  

Mention all your skills and capabilities in this section. Select the relevant skills from the given list on LinkedIn. 

You can also add certificates and other rewards and acknowledgments furthermore to attain a good position.

Add Services List:

There is another section on LinkedIn through which you can discuss the list of services you are going to offer. This section is so important to increase the visibility of your profile in search results. It increases your job hunting chances and strong connection building. 

Take Skill Tests:

LinkedIn also comes up with a skills assessment feature. You can take part in the skill assessment of your interest and can level up your knowledge. Retakes can be performed until you get succeed. You can share the results of the verified skills with the public too. In this way, your job acquisition and hiring chances will also increase.

Build Connections:

Linkedin gives you the authority to establish as many connections as you want. So, build connections with the people and organizations in your relevant field. These connections are a good source of staying updated about the latest information and job opportunities.

Linked in contain three types of connections. First-degree connections (these are the connection you approach directly), second-degree connections (these are the connections related to your first-degree connections), and third-degree connections( these are related to the second-degree connections). 

The above three categories prove so beneficial in social network incrementation of the individual. Because with the help of connection building, you will appear in more search results. So make sure to build additional connections.

Gather Recommendations and Endorsements:

Your connections not only give you good search results but can also recommend your profile to others for a better experience. People with whom you worked before can recommend others by describing your impressive skills and attributes instead of giving general comments.

People in your connection can even endorse you. It means they can give approval for the presence of a particular skill in you. Endorsement motivates people to view your profile. So that they come to know why people are giving value to you.

Stay Active on LinkedIn:

Linked is not just a source to build connections with the professional business community. It is also a social site on which you can find helpful posts and like, share, and comment as well. To get more out of LinkedIn, you need to stay connected with it. Join the groups and communities to get more updates.

If you still need some help setting up your online footprint, you can always leave a comment below or read up more on our blogs!

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