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5 Steps to Help Customers Buy More - Growth Media
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5 Steps to Help Customers Buy More

5 Steps to Help Customers Buy More

Everyone is talking about lead generation these days, but only a handful of individuals focus on lead nurturing. What’s worse is that many don’t even have the basic understanding of what lead nurturing really is and hence lose their potential customers. Without nurturing, your lead is useless and it is almost impossible that it will convert into a customer. So, the question here is what lead nurturing is and how to nurture leads.

Worry not! Every aspect of lead nurturing will be covered in this blog post, and by the end of it, you will have all the essential information you need to get started. Just make sure to read till the end, and feel free to drop your queries in the comment section.

What is Lead Nurturing?

Lead nurturing is the process of developing and reinforcing relationships with buyers at every stage of the sales funnel. A successful lead nurturing program focuses marketing and communication efforts on listening to the needs of prospects and providing the information and answers they need to: 

  • Build trust
  • Increase brand awareness
  • Maintain a connection until prospects are ready to purchase

Simply put, it is the process of creating and maintaining relationships with your leads to help them on their buying journey. These leads are your potential customers, so you need to nurture them slowly and effectively. By doing so, you should offer them benefits, gradually categorize every lead, and provide them with the offers they actually want. 

It is only possible if you have a customer persona, but remember that your customers aren’t on the same track and of the same mentality. That’s why you need to categorize them and help them effectively in their buying journey. Also, the strategies you will use, like email nurturing, need to be specific, or else there are many reasons for you to fail. So, in order to succeed, you need to create an effective strategy. 

“On average, half of leads in any given system are not yet ready to buy.”

Roadmap for Lead Nurturing Strategy

Unlike everything else in this universe, you need to create an effective strategy in order to nurture your leads. It’s by far the most crucial step, because generating leads isn’t a big task, nurturing the lead is. So, let us unravel the secret to making a strategy that really works.

The Foundation For Any Lead Nurturing Strategy

Before creating a lead nurturing strategy, there are some essential things you need to keep in mind. These are known as the “Groundwork” of the strategy and hence essential.

  • Make sure that your strategy is well-planned and versatile.
  • Create a customer persona to help you understand your leads better.
  • Your strategy should involve progression instead of pressure. Didn’t get that? Let me explain. By pressure, I mean forcing them to quickly become your customer without even clarifying what’s in it for them. So, your strategy should be slow and steady, explaining everything along the journey so that your potential customer can understand what they are going to get. 
  • Get into your customer’s shoes and discover ways to improve by problem-solving or creating better ways to help them out.

After the groundwork is done, you can move to the next step, making a strategy that involves the help of different lead nurturing tools.

Making of Lead Nurturing Strategy

Remember! The strategy work starts after a lead is generated. So, how can you make an effective strategy? There are four steps you need to follow in order to make the strategy effective.

  1. First thing first, you need to validate, whether it’s just a random person or your potential customer. Doing so will let you focus your efforts fully on those who matter. 
  2. After the validation process is complete, it’s time to start the conversation to learn more about your leads so you can help them on their journey. 
  3. Once you know that he/she is the one, you can start sending them emails. But keep in mind that your emails should be personalized for them to increase their interest. 
  4. Remember to keep it slow, don’t rush because, on average, it takes months for a lead to fully mature. Keep up the good work and schedule emails every 2 to 3 weeks. Also, make sure to make the emails as compelling as you can.

Bonus Tip

Another thing to add into your arsenal would be the use of a lead nurturing tool. Tools give insights, track progress, and point out the areas where you need to be a bit creative. Having a tool will help you clear the path for your lead and will eventually help you gain more customers. There are dozens of tools available fro this purpose, but I will be listing down three of the best tools to go for.

1 – Outgrow 

Outgrow simplifies the creation of interactive content, including quizzes, calculators, assessments, contests, forms, surveys, recommendations, polls, and chatbots, allowing you to more effectively attract, validate, and connect leads.

2 – Hunter

Hunter is a web service that helps businesses with a wide range of tasks, such as finding and verifying professional email addresses from domains, organizations, or a single person on the web.

3 – CleverTap

CleverTap’s unified, deep data layer, AI/ML powered insights, and automation allows brands who know and care about user retention to keep in touch with their customers by providing relevant experiences.

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