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The 4Ps of Marketing - Growth Media
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The 4Ps of Marketing

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The 4Ps of Marketing

The marketing mix, also known as the four Ps, is a combination of techniques and tools to design product and service advertisements in the industry.

It consists of 4Ps; product, price, place, and promotion. All the Ps have equal importance, like the pieces of a puzzle. In order to meet the customer’s needs, it’s essential to identify the right product, in the right place, with attractive prices and promotional methods.

Why are the 4 Ps Important?

The 4Ps, or the marketing mix, play a vital role in the product section, providing detailed guidelines about the product and its scope in the market. 

They allow you to identify your lead generation requirements. Detailed knowledge of the products is also available through them. This method is incredibly convenient for including more products, in the pr

esence of previous ones.

It helps to determine the right market for the product launching that helps you in sales increment. It ensures customer satisfaction by selecting the appropriate price range. You can manage your resources effectively, both human and cost, in a very realistic way.

Using this approach, you can increase the market competition and prove yourself the best competitor. This will increase your firmness by decreasing your weakness. Right products and the proper product promotion ensure your business’s success and profitability.

Now let’s discuss the 4Ps of marketing.


Your product is the aimed good or service you want present in the market. Describe your product’s life cycle, manufacturing cost, release place, and marketing means in detail.

Before selecting any product to sell and advertise, ask yourself the following questions:

What will be your desired product? What is the purpose of selecting it? To whom will you serve it? Is it according to your audience’s needs? What specialties will your product offer? What is your product uniqueness?


Price Is the amount that customers invest in buying the product. Choose the price wisely by keeping your target audience’s affordability in mind. You will suffer a loss if you keep the price range high. Your target audience may not afford it. Not even keep rates o low that people might consider it a low-quality product. Maintain moderate rates.

The things that help you make wise decisions are analyzing your market and competitors’ rates and knowing your audience’s price range.


The medium, location, or destination selected for product selling purpose to your target audience is known as place. To get good sales outcomes, you need to identify the place where your audience visits frequently and can find your product quickly to buy.

To identify the best location for your product, you must have a strong knowledge of the market and your target audience. After that, decide the channel or medium to access your target market. Also, you need to know most of the places your target audience shop mostly.

For example, if you want to sell a book, find the market where most books are available, and people come there often to meet their education needs.


After finalizing each and everything, one more essential thing comes, which is an advertisement for the product.  To sell your product, people must be familiar with it. So, bringing it to their notice by using different promotion methods, ultimately increases its popularity.

The primary purpose of the promotion is to increase the customer’s awareness of your product, encourage them to make a purchase, and describe the benefits. Another goal is to give them reminders to build a relationship. 

The Success of this Marketing Concept

When it comes to measuring the success of this marketing concept in your email campaigns, we look at the 4 Ps a little differently.

  • Promise – Start your email by making a short, punchy promise to the readers to entice them to open up your email and see what your deal or offer is all about.
  • Paint – Once they’ve opened the email, you want to paint them a picture of what their life would be like after you’ve delivered your promise to them.
  • Proof – This is where you provide the proof that your product or offer is all that you made it out to be. This can be done through social proof, such as testimonials.
  • Push – You’ve gotten the readers excited about your product or offer, now it’s time to push them to act.

But, how can a product be promoted?

There are different ways of promotion that will increase your product’s popularity and open the door to the success of your business. For the adoption of effective product promotion, you just need to consider the following things:

Advertisement timings:

First of all, before selecting any promotional strategy, you need to pay attention to the timings. It’s all vain to put lots of money into advertisement but not get feedback. Keep in mind your target audience and select the time of promotion accordingly. 

Select marketing channel:

Marketing channel means to select the method or way throughout the production of the product to the customer consumption. There are different marketing channels:

  • Email marketing
  • Content marketing
  • Social media marketing
  • video marketing
  • Commercial adds
  • Print advertisement
  • Word of mouth

Select appropriate approach :

The marketing approach is the whole process that contains all details about products and services.

To explore more knowledge about promotion check the given link.

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