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Guide to Influencer Marketing 2022 - Growth Media
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Guide to Influencer Marketing 2022

Guide to Influencer Marketing 2022

A few years back, only a few brands were doing influencer marketing with some dedicated social media personalities, aka influencers. But, as for now, almost every brand is into influencer marketing. Mainly, Instagram is the place where every influencer is available, and this is why most influencer marketing takes place on Instagram. Before we get deep into influencer marketing, let us first understand the term influencer.

What is an influencer?

An influencer is a social media personality who influences people with their content, which can be their lifestyle or anything. With a decent number of followers on their social media accounts and good audience engagement, an influencer is capable of doing PR. The influencers are also categorized on the basis of their following.

  • Influencers with less than 50k followers are the smaller ones, known as the Small Influencers. These are often picked by some local brands and are very less demanding.
  • Influencers with a following of 50k–500k are the most sought after by brands because they are both talented and influential. 
  • Influencers with more than 500k followers are often Tik Tok stars or Youtubers. Even though these are the most demanding and also the most expensive ones to do branding, they are still highly preferable because of their specialties and talents.

Qualities of a Great Influencer

For an influencer, the follower count shouldn’t have to be in the millions; instead, an influencer with good credibility in a certain niche is preferable. The more defined and specific the influencer’s followers are, the more devoted the following will be. These are the ones that affect their followers greatly and turn out to be successful in branding.

What is Influencer Marketing?

Until now, we have learned what influencers are, what they do, how they are categorized and their qualities. Now we are going to discuss influencer marketing and its various aspects.

The term influencer marketing is the updated form of celebrity branding, which, as the name clarifies, is used to promote any brand’s item using a celebrity’s fame. But nowadays, celebrities aren’t just actors and athletes. A person with a good follower count and decent audience engagement is involved in marketing as an influencer. To simply put it, an influencer collaborates with a brand to promote their products. 

According to several studies, people buy stuff very often if they see it being promoted on social media. It’s because of the trust they have in influencers these days. That’s why influencer marketing is at its peak these days.

Types of Influencer Marketing

There are a few approaches to take while partaking in influencer marketing. By presenting the product and providing feedback about the services, the primary objective is to encourage the influencer to talk about his or her experience with them.

Unboxing Videos

Videos of people opening packages are quite popular, particularly on YouTube. Many companies invest thousands of dollars in order to have their products reviewed, and this strategy is proven to be effective. Videos like these typically receive tens of thousands of views. 


The organization of a giveaway is still another option. This is useful for advertising new items or promoting new campaigns in mass quantities. Many companies host giveaways in collaboration with a network of influencers. Each influencer will post about the giveaway on their own platform and include a picture of themselves with the product.


Takeovers are perhaps one of the most successful forms of collaboration between businesses and influencers that may be used. This is the process through which an influencer obtains access to a company’s account and assumes control of the posting. The influencer makes an appearance on the account or channel, which often leads to a lot of social media traffic going toward the brand.

Find Influencers!

You can find influencers to set up an effective marketing strategy and this is where Fiverr comes in, as we discussed before!

If you have any queries related to influencer marketing, make sure to leave a comment. Or you can go and read more of our blogs!

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