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Grow by Studying Your Audience's Emotions - Blog - Growth Media
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Grow by Studying Your Audience’s Emotions

Grow by Studying Your Audience’s Emotions

Emotional needs include the emotions required to satisfy a person and make them happy and peaceful. We can help our business grow while fulfilling our audience’s emotional needs, with the help of emotional marketing.

What is emotional marketing?

 Emotional marketing is the type of marketing in which we use emotions in the advertisement. Emotions are feeling with the behavioral response. Emotions will attract the audience so that they motivate to buy and share. It helps to keep things in memory, solve the problem after critical thinking and make the final decision. Emotional marketing will help you to build an emotional link or relationship with your target audience.

Why is the emotional study critical?

The emotional study is important because it develops a strong relationship with the audience through emotional means. You get customer loyalty by holding a place in their heart and mind. Because of this emotional attachment, they will be able to remember you. They value your product. They also buy themselves and also motivate others as

well. People love to talk about what they feel about, so they share your content on social media or with friends or family, and ultimately your sales will also increase.

Effective emotions and how to engage the audience with them:

These are 5 powerful emotions to attract an audience

  1. Fear 
  2. Anger
  3. Happiness
  4. Belonging
  5. Greed
Emotions of an Audience


Use countdown or other threats to develop a sense of fear.


Anger encourages to achieve something or solve any problem


  • Worlds need more happiness and entertainment nowadays  
  • This emotion brings positivity to your brand. 


  • Develop a strong bond with customers by creating offline and online groups
  • Appreciate and share their content.


Try to please your customer by Giving extra benefits like 

  • Free shipping
  • Discount 
  • Buy one get one free

Best ways to identify the audience’s emotional needs:

1.    Do public surveys

Conduct a public survey once or twice a year. This survey helps you to know what people think. What do they feel, and what do they want from life? What do they want from you? Are you fulfilling their need or not? If not, then think about how to do so. Because customer satisfaction is the most important thing to grow your business.

2.     Define your target audience

Answer the following questions:

Whom are you targeting? What is their present condition? Their likes and dislikes? What are their hopes and expectations? All these questions need to be answered first. You can provide the solution accordingly when you know your target audience well. It will increase the worth of your company. As much as you know about your audience, you will be able to choose the right emotion to attract them. 

3.     Check the publication of industries:

Industries publish content that tells about what’s going on in the market. The trends that buyers are following. The industry faces challenges, the companies’ extraordinary performances and strategies. These publications are so effective in identifying the problems and helping to grow.

4.    Social media trends:

Check the trends on social media. See what people love to watch more. What kind of post gets the most views and shares? In which conversation people take more part. Do detailed research on social media to know your target audience very well.

How to increase emotional link with the audience:

Following are the factors that affect building an emotional link with the audience:

  • People get bored with the same things, so try to give them unique content.
  • Prove your honesty and authenticity by aligning what you say or give.
  • Identify the customer’s need that will give an emotional response.
  • Storytelling is another way to attract your audience emotionally. It develops curiosity and interest. The users consider themselves part of a story and attach emotionally to it. 
  • Choose innovative features like music and images in a better way to grab attention.
  • To add your value to customer’s life, Listen to them what they want to say. Take their honest feedback.
  • Give a response to the customer by liking their comment. Also, give an appropriate reply and share their feedback. Give value to the customer to get it back.
  • Give customers the best services and support to ask for help anytime. It will increase your worth.
  • Ensure you are spreading a positive emotion that will give a solution to the customer and satisfy them.
  • Use good communication skills by giving them respect and showing a positive attitude.
  • By utilizing your leadership skills, try to avoid conflicts.

What other emotions can be targeted for business growth, do let us know! For more valuable content, read some of our blogs!

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