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Email marketing in 2022 - Growth Media
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Email marketing in 2022

Email Marketing

Email marketing in 2022

Do you want to prompt your product, Build relationships with your audience, Increase your brand awareness through product marketing, want to generate leads, or nurture leads? All things could be possible through one solution, which is email marketing.

What is email marketing?

Email marketing is one of the famous marketing approaches due to the excessive usage of email accounts. With this marketing technique, your product or business promotion is done by sending appropriate and relevant emails to your customers. Email marketing ensures building a solid relationship with your audience by identifying their level of need. It is an effective way to engage them with your content.

Email marketing steps are as

  • Made the customer’s email list
  • Categories or segmenting the list according to users’ interest
  • Maintain the emails list by filtering the list by removing customers that are not responding to your email
  • Send relevant and valuable content
  • Manage the results, click rate, or feedback

Scope of Email marketing in 2022:

The main objective of email marketing is to conduct marketing through emails. The scope of email marketing can not end as long as the usage of email rate does not reduce. People are already more on email than on Facebook and Instagram. It is expected that this trend will increase more in upcoming years.

As a wide audience uses emails, that is a good way of promoting and communicating with customers using email marketing campaigns. It is a cost-effective and focused approach that requires a good content writer and designer to design visuals and email templates with no extra expenses. In email marketing, first, you give your brand awareness, and the second step is audience engagement for brand success.

Excessive mobile phone usage and extended email growth rate are raising email marketing worth more. It is a professional and trusted communication means now and in the future will also be.

How to do email marketing in 2022?

To keep your email strategy up and increase your brand awareness and audience engagement, you just need to go around with the following trends and tips.

Effective Email design and template:

While designing an email you need to focus on two things

  •  Content Styling
  •  Layout 

Content styling:

You need to adopt an appropriate structure of email. Tell about your brand identity in the header; your contact details must be in the footer portion; use wisely the overall surface with white spaces as well. Use an effective content font size and style. Try to use simple vocabulary that initiates conversation.


You can send emails in different formats, one is a simple Plan text email, and the other is HTML or javascript rich email. The first email contains simple text with no visuals and colors, but the other contains images, visuals styling, appropriate colors, videos, and icons. Javascript emails are more attractive through which users can show involvement like quizzes and puzzles etc.

It is beneficial because it grabs the audience’s attention more and gives a better understanding of your context. One of its flaws could be users’ internet issues that down the visual effects. Provide additional benefits and features concerning customer convenience and support, like the availability of emails in Drak mode. Facilitate them as much as you can to earn their trust and loyalty.

For building an interactive email, you have to use a tool or must know to code and be a technically skilled person. 

Focus on Personalization of content:

Personalization means your content must be customized means showing them what they want to see, not what you want them to see. What if you send the feature upgradation email to the customer unaware of your brand? So, first, identify the customer level and stage and present the content on behalf of purchases, stages, behaviours, and other parameters.

You can use Artificial intelligence to identify and target your desired audience. You need to perform segmentation as well to invest your time and energy on the interested customer, not on the individual who not even bother to open your email for a long time.

Time is another crucial clause in gaining desired results and benefits. The purpose of email marketing is to approach the customer, so for this reason, it is vital to select the appropriate time according to user availability. So the chance of email readability increases more.

Maintain privacy:

Maintaining privacy is key to building a strong and long relationship with your audience. As the world has become more digitalized, security issues have been raised more. 

People feel too many online security threats and hence feel trustless. Your customer wants security assurance from you; otherwise, they will not trust you. So it’s your responsibility to keep their provided information secure and earn their trust and loyalty.

Mobile responsiveness:

The usage of mobile is increasing day by day. People spend more time on mobile instead of the system; make sure your mobile email optimization as well. Customize your email according to the small mobile screen. Text, image sizes, and email templates should be responsive for mobile as well. Hence, It will bring more audience engagement. 

You can also promote user-generated content like videos, reels, feedback, and reviews to build a strong relationship with them. 

Automation campaign:

An automation campaign is an AI feature that plays an important role in filtration and sending emails according to user actions and levels. It will save your time and work according to customers buying patterns.

First, you need to set the triggers, which means when a customer and user are rich at a certain level of needs and want, then in response automation campaign sends a relevant email to the customer that exactly fulfils his requirements. 

For example, if a user is at the initial or awareness stage automation campaign, send him an introduction email, and if a customer is already using your product or service, he will receive an upgradation email.

Best email marketing Tools in 2022

Following are the available Email Marketing Tools

  • 1. MailChimp.
  • 2. Sender.
  • MailerLite
  • 3. Sendinblue.
  • 4. Constant Contact.
  • 5. Easysendy.
  • 6. Infusionsoft by Keap.
  • 7. SendPulse.
  • 8. Omnisend.
  • 9. ConvertKit.
  • 10. Moosend
  • Benchmark 
  • 11. AWeber.
  • 12. SendX.
  • 13. Campaign Monitor.
  • 14. Drip.
  • 15. GetResponse.
  • 16. MotionMail.
  • 17. Albacross.
  • 18. ReachMail.
  • 19. Mailmodo.
  • 20. ActiveCampaign.
  • Mailjet 

I hope our content will prove beneficial for you. If you want the best marketing campaign for your brand or product, GMG (Growth Media Group) can offer this service to you. We are already working on different marketing techniques and tools and can also increase your business growth through an effective email marketing strategy.

You may also find it effective the 4ps of marketing.

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