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5 ways to boost your Instagram engagement - Growth Media
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5 ways to boost your Instagram engagement

Five ways to boost your Instagram engagement

5 ways to boost your Instagram engagement

Before discussing the ways to boost Instagram’s audience it’s important to know what is Instagram engagement and how we measure whether our profile is engaging the audience or not. To Answer, these questions read the blog till the end.

Why need engagement?

Today almost everyone is using social media. So, most businesses promote their products through social media marketing. But making an account on social media is not enough you need to engage your audience with your content to get successful business results. Because audience engagement ultimately results in followers addition. 

You need Instagram engagement to see the worth of your content and adopted the proper strategy by analyzing the audience response. With the help of it, You will be able to build a good relationship with your customers. You will get more referrals and loyalty.

How to measure Instagram engagement?

Instagram engagement means the likes share comments on the post by the audience. Nowadays it is also measured in the number of saves and shares of your post. 

You can easily measure the engagement percentage by using the formula

Number of likes and comments / number of followers * 100

For saves and shares use this formula

Number of saves and shares / number of followers * 100

You can also use the following tools to measure engagement directly without performing calculations:

  • Later’s Instagram Analytics
  • Advanced Instagram Analytics
  • Later’s  free social media management tool 

For more details, you can explore the Instagram industry benchmarks report

Five ways to boost Instagram engagement:

Five ways to boost Instagram engagement are

  • Focus on content quality and visibility
  • Stay consistent and active on Instagram
  • Present content during peek time
  • Build a strong bond with the audience
  • Use Hashtags/Calls to action and Collabs

Focus on content quality and visibility:

Before exploring the features of Instagram first you need to determine the quality of the content. For this purpose start doing the planning and measure which type of content will get more engagement. Choose content type according to your business not just follow others. 

Content first needs to be informative and provide the necessary information for users that add value to their life. The second thing is the authenticity of the content. Don’t convey false and fake details. Make sure that the content is authentic and fulfilling the audience’s needs. Use attractive and eye-catching graphics and visuals.

After making a decision on the content, all your attention will be on the content availability to the customers.  What to do with the quality of content if it does not appear to the target audience? Content can be presented to the audience by utilizing different features of Instagram. Try to use maximum features to increase the content visibility for the audience. You can share the content by the following means

  • By sharing a post with an effective caption and good visuals
  • By making productive videos to convey a valuable message that appears in Instagram feeds
  • By sharing stories
  • By using carousels post. 

In short, all of these means enhance customer visibility. It gives you an idea of the audience’s preferred content type. All types of content are good to engage the audience but carousels are more engaging equipment.

Stay consistent and active:

Make sure your visibility on Instagram is on regular basis by sharing the content and giving an appropriate response to customers. Set up a schedule for sharing posts and content. Follow this schedule strictly. You need to be consistent to engage the audience with your content. Because if they visualize your content daily they may get addicted to your content. It helps to keep your band in their mind.

Don’t need to post too much content on regular basis. Two to three posts are enough for a day. Focus on quality instead of quantity. Overposting give a lousy impact they may consider you useless or may get bored.

Present content during peak times:

Peak timing means the best time to dispose of your post according to your target audience’s availability. To identify the peak time for your post simply check the built-in Instagram insights and check when your post gets the most views.

Use appropriate timing by keeping in mind your target audience’s availability. If your target audience is B2B executives then the best time to post is during office hours because maybe they are searching for the solution to their problems. Otherwise, the best time to post is in the early mornings from 10 to 2 am. Wednesday day is the best day to post. 

Build a strong bond with the audience:

Given instructions are really useful in building a strong relationship with the audience.

  • If the customer provides their valuable feedback then share their feedback on the story or post. It is a way to buy their loyalty.
  • To build strong relations with the audience, first, you need to stay connected with your audience by sharing interesting content on stories and posts.
  • Give quick responses to the questions and comments. Customers did not show more interest if they did not get timely replies and responses. Plus it sets a bad impression of you. So make sure your availability for users’ queries and comments.
  •  If users share or generate any content, give them appreciation and encourage user-generated content.
  • Use interesting stickers, quizzes, and questions. So the audience gets involved and provides valuable answers.
  • Giveaway is another way that encourages users’ participation and involvement in your account. 
  • Use the Memes in your post. Because people not only enjoy this by themselves but also share it with their friends and family as well.

Use Hashtags/ Call to action and Collabs features:


Hashtags are one of the strong weapons to drive the desired audience. Using relevant and popular hashtags will increase your visibility in search results and in your target audience’s feeds as well. You can easily find the relevant hashtags through suggestion pop-ups that appear while performing a search.

Call to action:

Call to action means motivating the users to perform your desired action. e.g click for more details or swipe to see. Call to action is another feature that encourages users to show a response to your content. The CTAs provide users with step-by-step complete guides. It engages the audience by giving them a solution to their problem in a brief way. But it must be relevant to the post so people can relate to it.


The collabs feature shows the post and reel on two people’s profiles at a time. When the post is created and shared by one person and the second person or collaborator accepts it then it will appear on the profile of both. In this way, you can easily get approach their followers and audience. This is another way to increase the rate of visibility and audience engagement.

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